Walkable Communities: Senior Focus

According to demographic data, by 2020, the state’s population of individuals age 65+ is expected to exceed our state’s school age population. Right now, just over eleven percent of the Anoka County population is age 65 and older and that number is expected to grow in the coming years.

Coon Rapids is home to many seniors; people who placed their “roots” here and raised their families over the last 40+ years. These seniors often decide to “age in place”; one level living can combine the perfect mix of amenities combined with practicality. Housing options aren’t the only convenience Coon Rapids offers for older adults. The city’s extensive trail system is also an asset; seniors can get out and enjoy the outdoors by walking, using a wheelchair or other mobility device.

The City of Coon Rapids is committed to enhancing its “walkability” for seniors and all residents who live here. Trail connections provide additional transportation options for people. People can walk, bike or use a mobility device to get to where they need to go instead of always getting in the car. Trails also help to connect neighborhoods and walking provides health benefits as well. The City looks to incorporate sidewalk and trail improvements/connections with every opportunity, whether it is a park project, street reconstruction project or new development.

The robust trail system in Coon Rapids will continue to expand in the future, with the assistance of the voter approved park bond passed in 2013. The initial focus of this expansion will be to build out the regional trail system within the city; the backbone of the system that can get you to all areas of the city. Once the regional trails are completed, the focus would then shift to constructing connections to/from these regional trails into neighborhoods, parks, schools, government facilities, and business nodes. Whether you’re out for a leisurely stroll along the scenic river, trying to get in some physical activity, or looking to commute to the local convenience store, the City is committed to providing a variety of experiences for everyone all within the boundaries of the city you call home.