About the City's Parks System
Coon Rapids is proud of its 48 parks and over 40 miles of trails! The city has smaller neighborhood parks, larger cornerstone parks and athletic complexes. From baseball and soccer fields to tennis and basketball courts, there are many activities and amenities available for the community to enjoy. 

Regional Parks
The Mississippi River is also a beautiful recreational area in the city of Coon Rapids. The Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park, maintained by the Anoka County Parks system is a popular attraction within the Twin Cities area. Bunker Hills Regional Park is also a destination for travelers and visitors as it is home to the award-winning Bunker Hills Golf Club and Bunker Beach, the largest outdoor water park in the state. 
Parks Department Staff
The City's Parks Department plans new park designs and manages the reconstruction of parks. The division also handles all winter snow removal in city park parking lots and trails. The Parks Division is responsible for maintaining:
  • Athletic fields and facilities
  • Coon Rapids' trail system and park related pathways
  • Ice rinks, sliding hills and related facilities
  • Park related buildings and rental facilities
  • Play structures and amenities located within city parks