Predatory (Sex Offender) Information

In 1996, the Minnesota Legislature passed the Community Notification Law (Minnesota Statute 244.052) that permitted the release of information to the public about certain predatory offenders in Minnesota. The intent of the legislature was as follows, "If members of the public are provided adequate notice and information about an offender's release, the community can develop constructive plans to prepare themselves."

Prior to release, the offender is evaluated by the State and assigned a risk level of 1, 2, or 3. This is a significant aspect of the law as the assigned risk level determines the amount of information about an individual offender that may be released to the public.

Alleviate Fear

The intent of releasing predatory offender information to the public is to alleviate fear, not create it. Because we live in a mobile society, and because released offenders may have access to motor vehicles or any other means to move about, our best advice is that rather than focusing on any 1 offender, a better practice is to improve your personal safety habits as well as that of your family members, especially children.

  1. Risk Level 1
  2. Risk Level 2


Risk Level 1 offenders are those determined to be the least likely to re-offend. Minnesota Law authorizes a law enforcement agency to release offender information only to other law enforcement agencies or to any victims of the offender.


Minnesota Law authorizes the law enforcement agency where the risk level 3 offender resides to release information to members of the community whom the offender is likely to encounter.

Should a Risk Level 3 offender move to Coon Rapids, the police department may make use of local media outlets, the internet, and other means to keep the community informed. In addition, the police department may host a community notification meeting which will allow interested citizens an opportunity to hear offender information and monitoring strategies from public safety professionals on both the state and local level.

There are two level 3 offenders living in Coon Rapids at this time.

Community Notification Meeting held Thursday, February 2, 2017

Notification of Release Fact Sheet - Erickson (PDF)

Notification of Release Fact Sheet - Dexter (PDF)

Detective Mike Plankers is the liaison between monitored offenders that reside in the City of Coon Rapids, the Police Department and the State of Minnesota. You can contact him at 763-767-6559 or email Mike Plankers.

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Residency and Ordinances Related to Predatory Offenders

The City of Coon Rapids has a Predatory Offender Ordinance which limits the areas in which offenders can reside. See the location map (PDF) and read more about this topic in the City Code.