Census 2020

Census 2020 - We Count Graphic


The FINAL 2020 Census Self-Response Rates are in:

Coon Rapids: 85.1%
Minnesota: 75.1%
Nationwide: 67%

The U.S. Census Bureau reports 99.9% of Minnesota households have now been counted through self-reporting and a process called the Nonresponse Followup Operation in which census takers are sent to every household that did not respond to complete an accurate count.

Background Information

The U.S. Constitution requires that each decade a count, or census, is taken of America’s population. The U.S. Census Bureau leads this effort. The census provides vital information for you and the community.

•    It determines how many representatives each state gets in Congress and is used to redraw district boundaries for Federal, State, and local offices.

•    Communities rely on census statistics to plan for a variety of resident needs including transportation, schools and emergency services.

•    Businesses use census data to determine where to bring jobs and where to locate places to shop.

•    Census data determines how federal funding is distributed throughout the country.

2020 will be the first year individuals will be able to respond online, by phone, as well as by mail. Households will receive an invitation in the mail in March 2020 inviting them to respond online and providing information on other methods for responding.

The City of Coon Rapids is committed to providing support and outreach to ensure an accurate count.

2020 Census Timeline

•    March 2020: Mailings sent to homes by the Census Bureau; Door-to-door enumeration and Enumeration at Transitory          Locations begins

•    April 1, 2020: 2020 Census Day

•    April 2020: Non-response Follow-up begins for households that did not submit a Census form 


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