Auto Theft Task Force

The Coon Rapids Police Department is part of a county-wide grant to combat auto theft. The grant is a two-year grant provided to law enforcement agencies by the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

The mission of the grant is: To network and share information to further the common goal of auto crime prevention in Anoka County and world-wide.
Goals for the grant are:

  1. To facilitate and promote a partnership with auto crime prevention organizations and agencies.
  2. To provide easy access to network information to enhance success of auto crime prevention programs.
  3. To collaborate and coordinate to present a unified front in auto crime prevention.
  4. To share experiences and information to better meet fiscal challenges.
  5. To promote and enhance the prevention of auto crimes.
  6. Identify local, state and national trends regarding auto crimes.
Auto Theft Anoka County Task Force Lock Your Car. take Your Keys. Remove Your Valuables.